19th November 2017

Welcome to The Reviewer Website UK

The main reason for starting the website is to share our experiences and that of other like-minded reviewers.

The Reviewer Team are not journalists or members of any industry but genuine people looking to give honest and uncomplicated reviews.

The site will post links to articles from national and international media websites, as well as our blogs and other partner blogger’s websites.

So what makes us different from other review sites?

We know when writing a review, it can become very subjective as people have their views and opinions. Someone’s disappointment can be another person’s outstanding experience.

So our reviews will be written with expectations in mind i.e. staying in a 3-star hotel is going to be a different experience to a 5-star luxury hotel.

We will try to keep reviews to a simple standard format and not overload posts with meaningless dialogue. We will, however, have YouTube reports to enable you to see our experiences in videos and pictures.

There will be star ratings. However, an overall verdict will be given, with the following outcomes: –

Did not meet our expectations

Met our expectations 

Exceeded our expectations

So what will you expect to find on The Reviewer Website

Airline Trip Reports - Economy, Business, First Class trip reports on long and short-haul flights from the UK.

Airport Lounge Reviews - Airport lounge reviews including Airline Business and First Class lounges in the UK and beyond.

Hotel Reviews - UK and international hotel brands including basic and luxury accomodation from around the world.

Restaurant & Bar Reviews - International and local restaurant & bar reviews.

News - Travel, local, investment news from UK and international media outlets.

External blogs - Bloggers from other review sites may contain opinion(s) and view(s) that are not the views of The Reviewer Team.


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